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Crazy Wheel - Join the Show


Crazy Wheel by Playspace is a multiplayer game with which you can compete with your friends and see who is the most knowledgeable. Use the power-ups, check out the store and beat everybody.Share your achievements and scores to see who is the best player among your friends
Be the best Crazy Wheel online player!
FEATURES Crazy Wheel by Playspace
- It’s free to play!- Chat and play with your friends.- Become the best Crazy Wheel player in the Playspace ranking.- Play special games: in pairs, turbo and private- Compete to be the best player in our Crazy Wheel Ranking.- Get double coins when you win your games with the "Double or Nothing"- Unlock achievements and progress through the game getting gifts and coins
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Remember, you will need to be connect to play.
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Enjoy the best free Crazy Wheel online in Playspace!
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